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10 Reasons Everyone Should Read Thought Experiments

thought experiment / NOUN / 1 –  A test in which one imagines the practical outcome of a hypothesis 2 – An idea or scenario that explores the consequences of … Continue Reading →


A Brief Thought Experiment – The Illusion of Subjective Experience

Every enthusiast of philosophy has likely contemplated the question of whether there exists more to life than pure matter. The “Tree Falling in the Forest” thought experiment is perhaps the … Continue Reading →


A Thought Experiment – The Folly of Absolute Certainty

Axioms Mathematics is based on axioms – which by nature are not provable. They are merely a starting premise that we can build on to reach mathematical conclusions. As Richard … Continue Reading →

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The Value of Focusing on the Negative

In a world where optimism is the rage and focusing on the bright side of things is the backbone of self help, negativity is often viewed as a character flaw. … Continue Reading →


A Thought Provoking Paradox about Numbers

Paraphrased from the work of Douglas Hofstadler (“I am a Strange Loop”) There are people who focus on finding ways to express numbers using the least amount of syllables possible. … Continue Reading →


The Science Behind Reading Inspirational Material

The biggest criticism of inspirational material is that its mostly a collection of hollow buzzwords serving to boost the ego of wishful thinkers. But what if there was scientific evidence … Continue Reading →

Positive Ideas

How To Improve Your Life in 60 Seconds

You just had great idea! It’s beautiful. It’s sensible, Why hadn’t you thought of it before? Ideas The above is an experience everyone has had. However it happens, that new … Continue Reading →


A Thought Experiment ~ The Vacation

Entirely Paraphrased from the work of Daniel Kahneman (“Thinking Fast and Slow”) You have been given the option to take a vacation. For the price of only two weeks of … Continue Reading →


Why You’re Richer than a King

There exists a trend in the Western World to focus on the negative. The more we have, it seems, the more we have to take for granted. Yet much of … Continue Reading →


Here’s Why Your Reality May not be What you Think…

By 1833, a German physiologist named Johannes Peter Muller (1801-1858) had noticed something puzzling. If he shone a light in the eye, put pressure on the eye, or electrically stimulated … Continue Reading →

Mind Blowing

A Positivley Mind Blowing Thought Experiment

Entirely Paraphrased from the works of Daniel Dennett You wake up one morning and find yourself in a closed room without windows. You have a bathroom, and a food supply, … Continue Reading →

Mind Games

MIND GAMES ~ 25 Thought Experiments to Ignite Your Imagination

One of the largest leaps in scientific understanding in the last 200 years began as a thought experiment – when Einstein imagined the implications of riding a beam of light. Since … Continue Reading →


Why you’re not Embracing SCIENCE Enough

Science is grossly underrated… …and I bet you don’t appreciate it nearly as much as you should. In fact, I will go as far as saying Science is so important … Continue Reading →


Why Control May all just be One Giant Illusion

Our senses are easily fooled, often times in enjoyable ways. Anyone who has viewed the talents of sidewalk 3D artists will attest that illusions, when done right, are incredible. Nature … Continue Reading →


The Value of Viewing Humanity with a Scientific Mindset

My seven year old son recently asked me what it means that all known life forms share a common ancestor. It occurred to me how fascinating this revelation is, especially … Continue Reading →